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ESET Multi-Device Security Pack

ESET Multi-Device Security Pack

Split the protection among 3 or 5 devices, be it a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. No more hassle with keeping track of your licenses. All computer and mobile platforms will sync in a click, keeping you protected automatically.

Daily, cybercriminals, threaten your personal data and identity when you go online, be confident that ESET will protect your entire family’s devices with our multi-device pack. ESET Multi-Device Security pack contains antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing, anti-theft and antispam protection, personal firewall, parental control, device control, social media scanner, exploit blocker, memory scanner, vulnerability shield, small system footprint and gamer mode for all your Windows, Mac or Linux devices. For your smartphones and tablets includes also app scanning, SMS & call filter, apps audit, system remote lock, remote wipe, remote siren, GPS tracking, camera snapshots and SIM guard and is designed for Android.

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